In life, everyone uses a philosophy to make decisions to guide their actions. Companies also use a philosophy to reach their goals. The question is, is their philosophy consciously chosen, reality based, and guided by principles to achieve rational goals, or not? The answer to this question for Lehigh Dental is yes. The following will explain Lehigh Dental’s philosophy in more detail.


To create the best dental practice possible.


To produce profit for our employees by providing excellent dental care for our patients.

To help individual patients achieve dental health and esthetics.

To help individual employees reach fulfillment in their jobs and their lives.

To help the community in general by offering valuable dental services and employment opportunities in order to create wealth and improve the standard of living for all involved.


To be productive by providing quality dental care to satisfied patients with knowledgeable staff using modern equipment and techniques while making a profit to ensure long term success.

Ideas are important

Ideas determine the direction and ultimate success of every business.   Two important ideas for Lehigh Dental are values and virtues.

“Value is that which one acts to gain and keep.”

“Virtue is the action by which one gains and keeps it.”  Ayn Rand

To be useful, values must be rationally chosen and consistently held. There are three important values and corresponding virtues in Lehigh Dental’s philosophy.

  1. Reason and Rationality

The only way to gain knowledge is to think using information gained through the five senses. There is no knowledge that is inherited and no automatic knowledge such as intuition or ESP. There is no mystical revelation; we only base our decisions on reality. We get the facts, all the facts possible, and only the facts.  Rationality is using reason exclusively in logical objective analysis to understand the facts of reality. We use rationality, not whim or emotion, to make decisions.

  1. Purpose and Productivity

Purpose focuses life’s value choices. Productive work is our central purpose. To be productive, we must work with active minds to gain knowledge, efficiency, innovation and profit. We advocate for Capitalism because it is the only moral economic system where individuals are free to acquire and use the product of their labor. It is important to make decisions that are in our rational self-interest. Business is not about sacrifice. We trade value for value in voluntary exchange to mutual benefit. It is a win-win for us and our patients and our community.

  1. Self-Esteem and Pride

Self-esteem means that we understand that our ideas and purpose are valid and that we are worthy of the benefits they provide. Pride is the result of using reason to bring into existence our products and services and then rightfully enjoying the results.  Pride gives the proper encouragement to continue our efforts and gives meaning to life.

Lehigh Dental Management Concept

Think and act for our long term benefit.

Use rational planning and decision making to create quality dental solutions based on patient requirements.

Hire competent individuals whose values are consistent with Lehigh Dental’s values.

Train employees well, give them appropriate responsibility, expect high levels of achievement and reward performance.

Provide rational office policies that define job descriptions, compensation packages, and office conduct.

Maintain quality care and use internal and external marketing to maintain a steady flow of new patients.

Emphasize continuing education, consistency, efficiency, innovation and growth to acquire profit to allow for sustainability and reinvestment.

Review and give feedback on our individual efforts and make corrections when necessary and give praise when appropriate.

Review, update, and improve the Philosophy of Lehigh Dental periodically.

The results of this rational approach should be long term success, and enjoyment of life.